Corina's Kitchen

Beachfront restaurant in Tulum

Enjoy your vacations in Tulum at Kin-Ha Playa, with a cosy and rustic Restaurant-Bar: Corina's Kitchen, open from breakfast till dinner, this beachfront restaurant in Tulum offers Italian and Mexican cuisine, besides excellent seafood and steaks grill for dinner.

Don´t miss the authentic Italian espresso coffe made with the classic "moka".

Enjoy the sun, sea and the wide sand beaches infront of sea breeze in our hammocs and sund beds. Resting comfortably on the sun loungers or hammocks, enjoying a margarita, or other tropical cocktail of your choice.

Can also enjoy a long walk by the sea or do yoga on the beach. A delicious and romatic seafood dinner with lobster on the grill with candels under stars.

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